Instant Spawn for Easy Farming of Silk, Wool and MageclothWorld of Warcraft Guide

Use this spot to farm tons of wool, silk and magecloth in World of Warcraft! You can mass profit from selling on the AH or use it to level your tailoring, either way, you'll get tons really quickly with this quick little wow guide.

Easy Farming Silk, Wool and Magecloth in WoW

You can use this guide to quickly gain mass amounts of silk, wool, and magecloth in World of Warcraft!

  • Travel to the Hinterlands
  • Ride just a little north of “Shaol’Watha” on the East side of the zone
  • For alliance: Kill “Raventusk Stalker”, for Horde: Kill “Wildhammer Warrior”
  • Tip: To speed up the farming process, use an instant cast skill, or round up several mobs and use an AOE.

World of Warcraft - Easily Farm silk, wool, and magecloth



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