Fast Legal Leveling to Level 90 Trick – WoWWorld of Warcraft Guide

The most simple, quick and legal way to max out your character's level to 90 in World of Warcraft. With the release of Mists of Pandaria, the level cap has been increased to 90 and with many players having alts, this is an excellent worry-free way to get all of them to 90 painlessly!

WoW - Alterac Valley Easily Level to 90This is somewhat known, but not everyone knows how great this wow leveling trick really is.  Especially now with Mists of Pandaria released, the level cap has now been increased to 90 and there are levels that await you.




World of Warcraft Leveling to 90 Tip

  • Simply join and play Alterac Valley Battlegrounds
  • Per win, you receive roughly 5-6% XP
  • Per lose, you still receive roughly 3-4% XP
  • The way they’re being ran, you can enter and complete an AV BG in under 7 minutes
  • Repeat this over and over and you’ll easily get to Level 90 in WoW without touching a single MoP quest.  Great for Alts!
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