Farm 8k Gold in One HourWorld of Warcraft Guide

Use this World of Warcaft guide and learn how to Farm 8k gold in just one hour! Your wow gold reserves will pile up so quickly you won't know what to spend it all on. Start farming 8k an hour in World of Warcraft using this easy guide now!

Follow this simple guide and you can be on your way to making 8k gold in just ONE hour of farming!

The following help, but are not required:

  • Your character’s Tailoring at 400, for the 50% more cloth passive bonus.
  • Potions of Treasure Finding (each potion lasts an hour and through death, so stock up as needed, easy investment!)

You will need:

  • A Character around level 82 with AOE ability.

How to Farm 8k An Hour

  • Travel to Deepholm, and fly to the location above Stone Hearth. (check included map for location)
  • You will see groups of Troggs attacking dwarves.
  • Bundle the troggs together and kill them utilizing your AOEs.
  • Loot the mobs and move to the next group.  The spawn rate is quick, so you can continually move from group to group.
  • Sell the Embersilk and Cataclysm greens you collect from the mobs.
  • Rinse and Repeat!

WoW - 8k an hour spot in Deepholm

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