Warlock Riding Felsteed and Dreadsteed on Water without Glyph of NightmaresWorld of Warcraft Cheat

The Glyph of Nightmares allows warlocks to ride their Felsteed or Dreadsteed on water. How would you like to do it without needing the Glyph? Follow this exploit guide and you'll be on your way to glyphless warlock water riding!

This fun little WoW Exploit allows a warlock to ride their summonable mount, the Felsteed (level 20 mount) or the Dreadsteed (level 60 mount) on water!

How to ride your Felsteed or Dreadsteed on Water Exploit

  • Simply log out on your Felsteed or Dreadsteed
  • Log back in, and you’ll be able to walk on water!
  • If you dismount, you will lose the ability and will need to log out again on the mount and relogin.

WoW - Warlock riding on water without Glyph of Nightmares

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