Solo Any Boss in the Game ExploitWorld of Warcraft Cheat

This is a huge exploit for World of Warcraft that allows you to solo any boss in the game. This exploit is new with Mists of Pandaria and is the biggest World of Warcraft exploit since the new expansion!

The Exploit

The ability to kill any boss solo, or anything else left to your imagination, is built on the ability to respawn a NPC over and over.  While you are only allowed to have one, and within a particular area, this exploit shows you how to make clones of the NPC, which does great damage, so you essentially have an army.  You’ll also see how to bring them out of the zone to be used on any mob you choose.

Use Caution!

This exploit can draw a lot of attention.  And since it is very obvious if you have several of these guys following you around, it is likely 100% ban if reported and caught.

How to Solo Any Boss in WoW

  • Get to the quest “Last Toll of the Yaungol” which is at the Townlong Steppes, from the NPC “Xiao Tu”.
  • Once you start the quest, the NPC, Xiao Tu, will start following you.
  • Leave the area, “Hatred’s Vice” and upon doing so, Xiao Tu will despawn.  When you re-enter, he will reappear again.
  • Now the Exploit: Upon re-entering, immeditely leave again, all the while Xiao Tu is sitting up.
  • When you’ve now left again, he will have followed you.
  • Re-enter “Hatred’s Vice” again and another Xiao Tu will have appeared!
  • Rinse and repeat for many Xiao Tu followers at once.

WoW - Army of Xiao Tu!

Why this is an Amazing WoW Exploit

Each Xiao Tu follower does great damage and when you pack an army, can take down pretty much any boss in game.  You can even attack other players with them, likely one -shotting them easily.  Also you can take them out of the Townlong Steppes zone.  Keep in mind when you die, they also all despawn instantly.  Taking a flight path will likely also despawn them.

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