Fly Any Mount ExploitWorld of Warcraft Cheat

Ever wanted to show off a flying mount in World of Warcraft but didn't have it yet? Fool your friends and everyone else using this fun exploit to fly any mount in WoW!

How to Fly any Mount in WoW, even if you don’t have it!

This exploit is a fun little trick, but unfortunately does not give you the actual mount itself but allows you to fly around on it.  It will disappear after you dismount.

  • Travel to Shadowmoon Valley and head to Dragonmaw Fortress
  • While flying on your mount, travel over the threshold into Dragonmaw Fortress
  • Fly back out, and your mount will change into a random mount

It’s as simple that!  The mount you get will be random.

World of Warcraft Shadowmoon Valley, Dragonmaw Fortress location

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