Fast, Free, Instant Mana RegenerationWorld of Warcraft Cheat

Don't bother sitting around waiting or spending money on drinks when you can use this free, fast and instant World of Warcraft Mana Regeneration Exploit!

How to get Fast and Free Mana Regen in WoW

This is useful when you don’t want to spend money on drinks, have run out, or don’t feel like waiting for your mana to regen!  The best part, this WoW mana regen exploit is 100% repeatable and free.

  • You’re out of mana, or close to it.
  • Change your talent spec
  • Upon completion of the spec change you will also have 80% of your mana back instantly
  • Return to playing WoW, repeat when necessary.

And there you have it, very simple but that’s what makes this WoW exploit neat, is that it’s fast to do and repeatable as many times as you like.

World of Warcraft - Instant Mana Regeneration Exploit


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