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Skills in Ultima Online are time consuming and often expensive to max out. Generally skills are capped at 100, that is of course you use a powerscroll to increase the skill limit for that particular skill. Either way, the higher you are, the longer and more costly gains become. Use this awesome (and legal) trick to make skill gain easier, and cheaper in UO!

Introducing, the “Satyr Trick.”  This trick involves using the “negative effect” of the monster Satyr’s Discordance ability to lower your skills and then training your desired skill.  Because the skill number is now lower, you can train it as though it really is at that value, making it cheaper and quicker.

Example of the Satyr Trick

You are at 90 Carpentry.  You get discorded by a Satyr and are now at 60 Carpentry.  You can now gain your Carpentry skill more quickly because not only is your skill going to gain as if it is only 60, and can now also create something appropriate for that skill level, which will more then likely cost less resources.

Before You Begin

You will need to have access to Twisted Weald.  To do this, you must have completed or currently on the quest “Dread Horn” from the NPC “Lorekeeper Calendor the Keeper of Tradition”.  For details on this entrance quest, see here.  Also, if you plan to do any crafting skills, a pack horse ready to go with supplies and resources.

The “Satyr Trick”

  • Travel and enter Twisted Weald.  It is located in Ilshenar, with it’s entrance located West of the Spirituality Moongate, inside a cave of mushrooms.
  • Locate a Satyr, engage combat with it, and then keep a distance until it has successfully discorded you.  You’ll know you’ve been discorded because your skills will now be temporarily lowered.
  • Get to the moongate exit quickly, otherwise the Satyr may provoke nearby monsters on to you.
  • Re-enter with pack horse, and this time the Satyr will no longer be attacking you.  However, if other monsters were, they will continue to attack you until they are killed.
  • Stay close to the Satyr and you will continue to be discorded.  You may follow the Satyr (alt + left-click) to ensure you stay close.

And that’s it!  It may take a few tries to perfect, but that is how its done.

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