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Use this technique to powerlevel in Tera super fast. You can use this for any Tera character and start at a super low level. Why spend months on end reaching max level when you can powerlevel your way in under a week? This Tera powerleveling technique is considered both a cheat and a guide!

The Cheat and Guide

We’re calling this technique both because it will likely eventually be patched.  However, most powerleveling is considered part of a guide, so we consider it as such, too.

You Will Need

  1. a new character and class of your choice, Player A
  2. a friend or another account with a level 60 Priest or Mystic, Player B

How to Powerlevel Any Character in Tera

  1. It helps to start your new character off with as many buffs as possible.
  2. Both move to a BAM location. Bam Locations
  3. Player A begins a fight with the BAM.
  4. Player B then heals you.  This is important to get aggro and vital for this technique to work.
  5. Player A continues to attack BAM.  Player B does not attack BAM, but continues to heal Player A if necessary/to hold aggro.
  6. Player A eventually kills BAM (it may take a while, but the XP is worth it)
  7. Player A gets all the XP for the kill.

Tera - Fast Powerleveling


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