TERA Beta Signup

A lot of news from Tera recently, all which we’ll be covering soon along with a section dedicated to Tera guides, cheats, exploits, etc here at MMO Cheats Plus.

But for now, let’s get down to the best thing before a release, the Beta!  Beta signups are now open for the closed beta, which will happen in numerous waves.

Sign up now for a chance to play the Tera Beta.

According to EnMasse, there will be an open beta for all to join starting 4/19/2012.  As usual with video game betas, take all dates posted here and even on their official site with a grain of salt.  Dates can easily change, launch dates extended, etc.

Click the above link to sign up and hopefully we’ll see you in the Beta!  Also, stay tuned for additional coverage on Tera.  We plan to cover this game extensively.

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