Unlimited Dark Side or Light Side Points at Low Level BugStar Wars: The Old Republic Cheat

Gain unlimited amounts of Light Side or Dark Side Points in SWTOR! This is our first exploit video for Star Wars the Old Republic and it's a great cheat. Gain huge amounts of dark side or light side points with this exploit. This entry contains a detailed video and screenshots on the procedure, available only for Premium members!

The Exploit

The exploit allows you to get an unlimited number of Light or Dark side points at a very low level.  The quest starts at Level 12 and in the Dromund Kaas area.  If you’ve completed the quest, “The Slave Killers” you cannot do this quest.

How to do it

  1. Head to Dromund Kaas and into the Unfinished Colossus area.
  2. Talk to NPC “Ensign Corian Shye” and get the quest.
  3. Continue right on the map and search for a Slave Cultist.
  4. Grab the mission item and head a little left, you’ll see a campfire through a gate.
  5. Click on the campfire and engage in a conversation with an NPC.
  6. Near the end, you have a choice to choose between Light or Dark Side points.  The conversation will soon end.
  7. You’ll appear where you started the campfire video, although the campfire is no longer “quest glowing” you can click on it again.
  8. Click on the Campfire again and you’ll engage in the same conversation, allowing you to pick again Light or Dark side.
  9. Repeat unlimited times!


(wait just a moment for it to begin)




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