Max Affection with Companion for FreeStar Wars: The Old Republic Cheat

Pulling from another popular exploit here on MMO Cheats Plus, you can max out your SWTOR companion's affection meter for FREE using this great bug. Read more in detail inside, reserved for premium members only.

The Exploit

This exploit was actually demonstrated in video first here: Unlimited Light/Darkside Points.  However, it is important to note using this same technique, huge amounts of company affection points can also be gained.

How to Do It

  • Find a quest, so far reported to be any quest that the last section before you turn it in has a conversation where you can gain affection.
  • Begin the video conversation and select the option which gains affection with your companion.
  • Select the NPC again and begin the conversation again, and once again, select the option which gains affection with your companion.
  • Finally complete the quest.
  • You will gain X affection(the number that appeared in the moving box on the bottom left) multiplied by the number of times you repeated the conversation and selected the proper option.

Things to Note

  • Once you turn in the quest, you will naturally need to find a new one
  • This is reported to work with all quests which have that ability to gain affection points and that you can repeat a conversation or interaction.
  • Use wisely, as BW might log the rates in which you gain skills/points.  Gaining 10k affection points in a matter of a minute may possibly flag your account.
  • Remember, you can skip all the conversation by pressing the spacebar on your keyboard.


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