Get Easy Medals in SWTOR WarzonesStar Wars: The Old Republic Cheat

Earn medals easy in Star Wars: The Old Republic Warzones with this awesome exploit! This SWTOR exploit can earn you more WZ medals easily allowing you to get more valor and warzone commendations. Check out this cheat and you'll be on your way to more easy warzone medals!

The Cheat

More medals equates to more Valor and Warzone Commendations.  However, if you’re a pure DPS class or a weak healer you are limited to mostly the damage medals.  This cheat will allow you to get all the healing medals without actually having to use a single character healing skill.  The trick is using an unlimited-use item in Huttball.

Warning!  Possible Ban if Used

There have been some reports of players facing a week to perma ban for using this exploit.  It is very obvious when you’re a tank/dps class and you’ve miraculously done 200k damage and healed for over 300k.  Like all exploits on MMO Cheats Plus, use at your own risk!

How to Execute (Simplified)

  1. Have the item “Pure Shockfrozen Water” in your inventory.
  2. Queue for a warzone and play a game of Huttball.
  3. Walk over the fires to get damage (but don’t die obviously)
  4. Use the “Pure Shockfrozen Water” item in your inventory.
  5. Get healing credit.
  6. Repeat until you have earned tons of healing medals.
  7. Finish out Huttball and try to get as many of the other damage medals as you can.

The Cheat Explained in Depth

Everyone from level 10 and up can play Huttball, but the key to this cheat is the item “Pure Shockfrozen Water” which is a reusable healing item.  It is meant as a way to get an item called a “Magenta Adegan Crystal.”

Getting your “Pure Shockfrozen Water”

Follow these steps for your unlimited-use heal item:

  1. Travel to Tatooine
  2. Head to the Jundland Area, near the Dreviad Outpost (see image)
  3. Look for the water towers and find one that is clickable on the bottom and receive the buff. ( see image )
  4. Travel to Hoth
  5. Take a speeder/travel to the Leth Outpost, in Highmount Ridge.
  6. Go north and travel up a mountain near a large building(see image)
  7. Continue climbing until you enter the snow storm and receive a debuff, about coordinates -992, 147
  8. You will receive the item “Pure shockfrozen Water” in your inventory automatically.

Screenshot of tower and debuff on Hoth

Now you’re ready!

Go ahead and queue up with the warzones, join a huttball game, and follow the steps above!

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