Fast SWTOR Experience Points XP with Bugged MobsStar Wars: The Old Republic Cheat

Bugged mobs in Star Wars: The Old Republic allow you to quickly gain XP because you can kill them more quickly without having to wait for them to respawn. The fasted experience points come from taking down a high level mob which we'll show you in this cheat for SWTOR! This entry comes complete with a video and screenshots showing you first hand how this awesome, fast swtor xp cheat works. This xp exploit is for the Empire side and for the mid-twenties levels. Available for Premium members.

The Cheat

Flashpoints are good experience points when you can kill the elites.  This cheat will show you the location and technique for an infinite spawn of elites that you can repeatedly kill for great experience.

The Video

(please allow time to load)

How to Do It

  1. Obtain at least level 21 and receive the quest to enter the Mandalorian Raiders flashpoint.
  2. Enter Mandalorian Raiders flashpoint
  3. Clear mobs until the first boss, Braxx the Bloodhound.
  4. Attack and kill only his Hounds, there are two of them.
  5. Do NOT kill the humanoid Braxx.
  6. After killing the 2 hounds, wipe or all go into stealth, forcing Braxx to respawn.
  7. He will respawn at his spawn point along with his two dogs.
  8. Re-enter / un-stealth / ressurect
  9. Repeat and get great XP!

About the Mobs

It is worth while to note a few things about the mobs:

  1. Do not kill Braxx.  If you do, the whole flashpoint will need to be reset because the hounds will not respawn.
  2. Braxx tries to buff his hounds.  A red AOE circle will appear when he is trying to do this… Don’t let the hounds be in it.
  3. You can’t CC the hounds, as they have a buff called “Boss Immunity”


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