Easy PVP XP ExploitStar Wars: The Old Republic Cheat

Our first exploit for Star Wars: The Old Republic comes in the form of a PVP XP exploit. You can gain quick experience with this SWTOR exploit and level up faster than your competition! It is good to know that already the game has a few problems up it's sleeve and that even huge companies can't iron out every bug.

Star Wars the Old Replubic PVP XP exploitThe Summary

The cheat is very simple but is somewhat circumstantial.  Basically, if not enough players are in a Warzone when it’s ready, it will end and give any players within it xp for a win.  We cannot imagine this is bannable by any means simply because the player itself does not need to do anything out of the normal realm of the game.. After all, you’re simply trying to play and the game is ending and giving you xp on it’s own accord.  However, Bioware is aware of this right now and it may be fixed soon, and or watched if any players are purposefully abusing it.

To Execute

  • Join a server with a lower population
  • Join a warzone
  • If there are not enough people, the warzone will end and you will receive XP

Again, it’s hard to imagine this would be reason for banning, but be careful as with any exploit or cheat.


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