AFK PvP WarZone (WZ)Star Wars: The Old Republic Bot

Earn PVP points, XP and credits all while AFK with this new SWTOR Bot. Spend more time doing other things while you bot and not be left behind in Star Wars: The Old Republic

The Bot

This bot basically lets you go AFK and get XP, PVP and Credits for “participating” in a flashpoint.  Oddly, the author has called it a BG or “battleground” bot… A term coined from World of Warcraft.  It uses AutoIt3 and pixel detection to work it’s magic.  Because of pixel detection, it can not be ran while you are using your computer for other programs as it must detect the color of pixels, so if a new window is “on top” of SWTOR client, it will be detecting wrong colors.  The plus side of this is that it adds a layer of security since it appears nothing is injected into the game manually.

Currently, the bot appears to be in a beta stage with the author accepting donations to be included for beta access and other perks.

Bot Info

The bot’s information can be found here:

There you can learn information and donate to the author if you so choose.

Bot Screenshots

Ares Bot

Screenshot 4

Screenshot 2Screenshot 3

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