Rift: First Expansion, Storm Legion, coming soon

The first and highly anticipated expansion for Rift, Storm Legion, has been scheduled to release on November 13th!

What’s interesting about the expansion is that apparently development started on it before the initial launch of the game last year.  This allowed the team to build the expansion alongside any changes in the original game, which we can all expect to produce a better overall expansion.

There will be 2 editions of the Rift expansion for sale, Standard and Infinity, both offering in-game items for your account.

So far, the Standard edition of Storm Legion will include:

  • Storm Warden’s Cape
  • Early Dungeon Access to the “Exodus of the Storm Queen” during a world event sometime in mid-october

The Intinity version of the expansion is slated to include:

  • Brevanic Portal Generator –  a type of personal transporter to any gate in the porticulum network
  • Cyclone Mount
  • Mini Regulos

Pre-order your copy today!  We’ll see you in game.

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