Rift: First Expansion, Storm Legion, coming soon

The first and highly anticipated expansion for Rift, Storm Legion, has been scheduled to release on November 13th! What’s interesting about the expansion is that apparently development started on it before the initial launch of the game last year.  This … Continued

TERA Beta Signup

A lot of news from Tera recently, all which we’ll be covering soon along with a section dedicated to Tera guides, cheats, exploits, etc here at MMO Cheats Plus. But for now, let’s get down to the best thing before … Continued

Lineage II Now Free to Play

That’s right.  After nearly 10 years, Lineage 2 is now Free-to-Play.  Straight from NCSoft, all players can enjoy unblocked: Character creation Races Classes Skills Zones Bosses Quests Clans Crafting Warehouse Auction House Chat, Mail, Forums, Customer Support, etc This comes … Continued

Aion Free to Play in February 2012

After two years in the western MMO market, Aion will adopt the Free-to-Play model in February of 2012!  What does this mean? Well, there will now be three different accounts, Starter, Veteran, and Gold-User, each with their incentive to play … Continued

Final Fantasy XIV 14 Open Beta Announced

That’s right!  The first news item for MMO Cheats Plus is about a highly anticipated MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV from Square Enix.  This will be their second MMO, following the successful Final Fantasy XI. To sign up for the open … Continued