MMORPG Bots and How they Work

A bot in MMORPGs refers to programs which will basically control your character and perform predefined automated tasks.  MMORPG Bots can come with a variety of features, the two most commong being  a leveling bot which will level your character by usual leveling practices like killing mobs repeatedly and a crafting bot that will take the materials needed to raise or craft items and carry out the often mundane task.  MMORPG bots are typically “illegal” in games, simply meaning they violate the EULA (End-User License Agreement), ToS (Terms of Service) or other like agreement between game company and player.  This is because they are viewed as giving an unfair advantage because you are advancing in the game without physically controlling your character.

Purpose of MMO Bots

The main purpose of MMO bots are to carry out tasks while you, the player, can carry on in real life doing other things, yet still advance in the game.  Imagine that every time you left for work, you had someone playing your character for 8 hours and leveling the entire time.  With a proper setup, you can easily spend hours away from your computer while your bot is hard at work.

Bot Usage Means Healthier MMORPG Players

Another argument, and our standpoint here at MMO Cheats Plus, is that using an MMORPG bot allows the player to have a more healthy life style.  As gamers, we often hate to hear or turn a shoulder when we hear about “getting outside” or “not spending quality time with friends and family.”  Well, bottom line, it’s true.  You don’t ever really want to be so sucked into the game that it ruins your life.  That’s part of the reason this community exists!  We love playing games, especially MMORPGs, but they’re time consuming.  Less time spent in front of the computer but still having the feeling that your bot is advancing your character can allow the deeply devoted gamers to enjoy other important aspects of life.


Many players argue against the purpose of using a bot.  You pay X dollars a month to play a game, and if you don’t actually play it, what’s the point?  Or some argue that part of the game is the long hours spent with slow and steady advances.  While this may be true and indisputable for some, others who do use bots may just simply enjoy having a high level character, being rich in-game, or having advantages over others.  Many users of MMO Bots may counter-argue that they enjoy playing MMOs, but because of their time consuming nature and their busy real-life schedule, they must use a bot in order to keep up and have an even playing field with other players who can dedicate countless hours.

Why Game Companies Hate Bots

Game companies hate bots for a variety of reasion.  First, they often recieve countless emails and rants on forums about players using bots and getting “unfair advantages” while they spend hours on hours accomplishing a mundane task.  This makes unhappy players, which may lead to subscription loss or bad reputation if they do not take action.  Well, the problem they now have is that the player with the bot is also a paying customer.  By banning a botter’s account, they are essentially saying “You are no longer allowed to pay us money monthly… on this account.”  But, by banning players, it makes them appear in control of their game, leading to happy devoted players.  Secondly, game companies rely on monthly subscriptions as revenue.  If someone just loves their game, but has only a few hours to play a week and is determined to reach max level, it may take this player a year or more to get this goal, and by then, the expansion is out!  With a bot, this player could easily obtain that goal much, much quicker, get bored sooner, and cancel their subscription sooner realizing they may not like the top once they’ve reached it.

MMORPG Bot Setup

Every bot will be different.  Even if by the same creator, it will likely be for a different MMORPG, so the skills and tasks will likely be different.  However, the idea behind setup is all generally the same.

  • Often you must be logged into your character first
  • You must decide on what you’d like to accomplish… gain levels… craft materials, etc.
  • Choose an area where little to no other players are around to reduce being reported.
  • Decide on the sequence each skill or movement will take place in
  • Enter in specific coordinates or hotkeys related to the sequence
  • Enter in possible “cooldown” or “delay” time, usually in milliseconds ( 1 second = 1,000 milliseconds\ms)
  • Initiate the Bot and watch it cycle once to make sure it works correctly
  • Reap the rewards in-game while enjoying time elsewhere with friends and family

MMO Bot Safeguards

There are a few rules and guidelines one should follow if they are serious about not getting caught and most likely losing their account due to using an MMO Bot.  We highly advise you follow these:

  • Do not use a bot in highly populated areas or near anyone at all.  If it gets stuck or the movement of your character is poor, it will give you away quickly.  Ever seen someone stuck in a tree trying to cast spells over and over?
  • Do not advertise or discuss with your friends in game that you use a bot.  Even if you say you “are at my computer when I use it” some companies will not care and still ban you.  You’ve invited yourself to be on a watch list.  Also, never try to use the word “bot” in game chat as some games may utilize chat word sniffers.
  • Do not over use your bot.  Most MMORPGs will have a way to track how long you have been in game without logging out, and your play time over a 24 hour, week or month period.  You want your bot to seem like its an average user.  Does 22 of 24 hours a day sound average?
  • Be weary of bots which ask for your game account login.  This very well may be a ploy to gain access to your account.  Why would someone create a bot just to steal my account? Simple, their pay comes in the form of stealing all your items and gold on your account as opposed to donations or subscriptions.  A good bot will never need you to enter your game account information just to use or register.
  • When leveling, have a close to empty bag. If your game utilizes a weight or count system for inventory, start your bot with only the leveling necessities so when it loots the fallen mob, it will have a place to put your picked up items.  Nothing screams “automated” as someone running around for 5 hours in one area with tons of unlooted, glowing mobs around him.
  • Use different Credit Cards on different accounts.  Sometimes game companies will flag or ban other accounts associated with a bot user.  To safeguard your other accounts, use different credit cards and when possible, different personal information and emails so as to appear unrelated.
  • Try a botting account. Some bot specifically for materials, in game money and items and do not care much for automated leveling.  If this is your case, consider a separate account from your main account, with random transfers of items to your main account.  If your bot account gets banned and you followed the above tip, your main account will likely be spared.
  • Do not transfer over all your wealth at once. Another typically bannable offense is purchasing items or game currency online for real money.  One way this is discovered is by the game automatically flagging accounts which participate in odd exchanges.  For example, do not transfer over millions of gold in one go or to a brand new account.  Try random amounts at different times of days.


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