Very Quick Leveling TipGuild Wars 2 Tip

Learn how to quickly level up with this awesome Guild Wars 2 Tip! You'll be leveling fast in no time, and can start this tip as early as level 1. Grab this awesome guild wars 2 tip and don't waste any more time to get to 80!

Very Quick Leveling in GW2

It is as simple as following a group around for DEs, or Dynamic Events.  Have you seen these mostly large groups running around areas, especially in Overflow areas?  Join in on the slaughter and see your XP fly.

There have been reports of leveling from 20-30 in just under 2 hours.  Some are even staying in newb areas and getting the job done.

Simply follow around the with the group and attack as often as you can, doing as much damage as possible.  if you’re in a good area, another DE will spawn right next to the one the group just completed, allowing you to go from DE to DE very quickly.  And with GW2’s combat system of endless fighting, you’ll be non-stop tackling the DEs.

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