Very Fast XP for Levels 40 – 80Guild Wars 2 Tip

Use this Guild Wars 2 trick to get from level 40 to 80 super fast! This is a method you can repeat over and over with amazing results. Grab a group of friends and use this awesome GW2 leveling tip!

Here is a new tactic to get from 40-80 very quickly.  You must be a minimum of level 40.

  • Grab a group together and enter the dungeon: Caudecus’s Manor
  • Run the dungeon in Story Mode
  • Runs can be completed in about 20 minutes.
  • Repeat over and over.  Every run will give you 70% of your level’s bar, or 7 bars.


Queensdale, Shire of Beetletun

GW 2 - Caudecus's Manor

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