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Every Guild Wars 2 player, new and old, can benefit from knowing the game in and out. Even if you're a veteran GW2 player, there may be some tips and tricks you may not know about. Read on for Tips and Tricks for Guild Wars 2!

Kite and Dodge Attacks from Mobs and Players

Guild Wars 2 has a dodging system which is also very effective for kiting.  Doing both means you can stay alive longer in both PVP and PVE.

Kiting is beneficial mostly to ranged classes against melee mobs who can not attack from a far distance.  Kiting in GW2 is recommended and easily accomplished thanks to the fact that most ranged classes can use most of their skills and abilities on the run without stopping.  It is recommended because most ranged classes have less armor overall and if engaging in close combat can easily be killed in 2-4 hits from a tough mob.

The dodging system is also somewhat unique and provides the ability to dodge an attack even though GW2 uses a lock on targeting system.  Using your terrain and distance between you and the enemy is key.  To dodge, you simply double tap a movement key on your keyboard, WSAD by default.  Each time you dodge, you use up energy from your energy bar.  Luckily the energy bar refills quickly so you can dodge quite often.

  • For encounters against melee, try to dodge when you see an attack charging or an AOE circle on the ground.
  • For ranged, try to have the enemy lose their LOS, or Line of Sight.  This requires you to use the terrain more, moving behind objects.

While the energy bar does refill quickly, each dodge takes 40% of a default energy bar.  So at full or near full, you can expect to use 2 dodges in succession if necessary, but of course would be out of energy for a moment!

Use Auto-Attack

You can set one ability to auto-attack or auto-use by pressing Ctrl + Right Mouse Click on your desired skill.  This makes the ability continually run if you are not providing input yourself, i.e. using other skills.  This is great because it maximizes DPS and ensures you’re always trying to do something to get your target’s health bar down.  It is best to use a skill that has no cooldown, so your character is literally “spamming” away always.

Pro Tip: By default, when you switch targets, auto attack will not engage until you’ve begun fighting with the enemy.  You can change this by going to Options -> “Interactions” section on the top tab.

Show Cooldown timers on Ability Bar

Enable cooldown counters on your ability icons and know by the second when a new ability is ready for use again.  Invaluable against keeping your DPS as high as possible and staying alive!  Simply go to Options -> “User Interface” section and click on “Show Skill Recharge”.

Utilizing Downed State before death

When you’ve “lost” a fight in GW2, you enter the “downed state.”  During this state, you are technically defeated, but have not quite given up yet as you are given a chance to counter!  You are given 4 abilities, depending on your class, with the 4th always being Bandage.  These skills are less powerful, given your downed state and must be utilized in a short amount of time before you enter the defeated state and actually die.  If you can, it is recommend obviously to try to use the fourth ability, Bandage, obviously because you have a chance to recover.  This is mostly only possible if someone else is killing the mob, or you will surely die anyways.

When you die or enter the defeated state, you must either respawn or be revived by another player.  You’ll be penalized with a death debuff that makes your character enter it’s next downed state with even less health and also damage to your armor.

When possible, try to get revived by another player, or be nice and revive fellow players for a win-win situation as you’ve saved them from an armor repair bill and you’ve also gained some xp!

Are You in Range?

When you’ve targeted a mob or player, take a glance down at your ability bar.  Depending on the distance, you will notice they are either red or white.  If the numbers appear white, you’re in range, if they appear red, you’ll need to move closer!


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