Leveling Tips and Tricks for 1-80Guild Wars 2 Tip

Use these great Guild Wars 2 Leveling Tips to maximize your leveling time and fly through levels 1-80!

GW2 Leveling Tips

  • After your create you character, you start with a “personal story.”  Make sure to follow this for fast XP in the beginning levels and nice armor and weapon rewards.
    Guild Wars 2 Personal Story
  • “Do Your Dailies!” These are a great way to add in bonus XP and should not be overlooked
  • You will sometimes run out of quests, so its important from the start to complete entire zones so you make sure you’re high enough level to proceed to the next zone
  • You can get discovery bonuses by running around and discovering new locations on the map within the zone
  • Do Dynamic events!  Dynamic Events are great sources of XP, especially when you can get back to back event chains.  If you’re in the middle of another quest, and a dynamic event pops up, complete it and return to your quest afterwards.
    Guild Wars 2 Dynamic Events
  • Use Asura Gates and Waypoints for faster traveling.  This can be a huge time saver and unique to most other MMORPGs, so don’t forget!

Guild Wars 2 Leveling Experience Booster

Guild Wars 2 Experience BoostThere is an item you can buy at the in-game store, the Black Lion Trading Company, that will increase you XP from kills by 50% for one hour.  At the time of this post, each GW2 Experience Booster can be purchased for 150 Gems or $1.88 USD/Euros.  You can also purchase the “Multi Booster Pack’ which provides 1 of each: karma gain by 50%, experience gain by 50% and chance to find magic items by 50% all for an hour.  You can use them all at once or individually.  Buying them together is only 300 gems or $3.75 USD/Euros.  Buy 2 get 1 free basically.

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