Easily Farm 3-4 Gold per Hour TrickGuild Wars 2 Tip

Gold is hard to come by in Guild Wars 2, but using this trick, you can farm anywhere from 3-4 gold per hour! Check this GW2 farming spot and you won't turn back but enjoying all the guild wars 2 gold you'll easily get.

This awesome GW2 farming trick can be used to gain 3-4 gold per hour, easily!  It of course helps to equip as much magic find gear, food and use a booster when possible.  Each run can be done in under 8 minutes, massing 50-90 silver worth of items per run.

  • Be at “The Steel Tide” in your personal story.
  • Enter the camp, talk to the story NPC to get the quest started
  • Defend the camp from the Undead.
  • The NPCs will help kill the Undead so you must try to “tag” as many mobs as possible to get the loot.
  • Kill all the undead, and then the boss.
  • Log out, back in, and restart from the beginning since you do not technically “finish it.”

Remember, there are diminishing returns with this quest (a new feature of GW2), so you will need to only do this a few times and then wait until the farming timer has reset.

GW2 - 3-4 Gold per Hour Screenshot



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