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Although the waypoint system in Guild Wars 2 is convenient, there is still a fair amount of running to level and enjoy the game. Use this Guild Wars 2 Speed hack and you'll be running fast all the time! Like all gw2 speed hacks, don't over use this and use at your own risk.

Guild Wars 2 Speedhack

This is a download link for “GW2 Booster” which allows you to increase your run speed and swimming speed.

Disclaimer: MMO Cheats Plus does not take credit for this hack, nor has any affiliation with the link, the owner of the account hosting the file, or the creator(s) or the hack.  Use this at your own risk!

Tips for not getting caught and banned

  • Do not set the speed unrealistically high.  GW2 is a very popular game and there are tons of people around, so if you are moving stupidly fast, someone may report you.  Also there may be, or planned to be, anti-cheat methods in place that detect if a character is moving wayyy too fast.
  • Try to set it to a speed that looks like you have a buff.
  • Don’t talk about it, or any cheat, in game. ever.  Play dumb and turn it off if someone asks you about it.
  • Rename the file to something less “cheat” like, such as “Calendar.exe” or “MailClient.exe”

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Download the GW2 Booster Speed Hack


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