Invincibility CheatGuild Wars 2 Hack

An ultimate cheat today comes in the form of a Guild Wars 2 Invincibility Hack! This cheat is truely amazing and will allow you to literally not be hit and take damage. This is different from out other Guild Wars 2 Take No Damage post. This guide will show you how to be invincible in GW2. Unlock God Mode status now! This GW2 invincibility hack works for any level.

How to be Invincible in Guild Wars 2

  1. First, start up or download cheat engine.
  2. Start it up and configure it for Guild Wars 2.
  3. Find the memory address of your z-height. (if you’re unsure on how to do this, start learning about Cheat Engine with the tutorial after install) You will not visually be floating in the air, but when you walk around, you will take damage as if you were falling.  A tactic to do this would be to stand on a hill side, and setting the first scan for Scan Type: “Unknown Initial Value”, then hit New Scan, then move slightly up the hill, then select “Decreased value” for scan type, then click “Next Scan”.  Any addresses showing changed since you moved will now appear on the left box
  4. Now that you have the proper memory address for your z-height, change the value of the address to a  number below your current standing z-height.
  5. You will technically be “below the ground” but it won’t show it in the game for whatever reason.
  6. Attack any melee mob where you z-height is below the ground.
  7. The mob will just stand there as if you don’t even exist.

Cheat Engine Critical Points in the UI

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