Nonstop and Fast Item Farming SpotGuild Wars 2 Guide

Use this GW2 Farming guide to pinpoint a spot and technique to literally nonstop farm for items. This guide for Guild Wars 2 farming items won't just tell you where to go, but a tactic that allows you to literally plow through mobs.

This quick guide for Guild Wars 2 shows you how and where to farm items almost non-stop.  This area is for levels 1-15, but doesn’t matter on the level as you’ll be instant killing every mob.   It is also recommended you do this on the Overflow server for increased spawn times of the mobs.  We were able to do this literally nonstop.

How to Farm Items Non-Stop in GW2

  • Travel to Plains of Ashford, Irondock Shipyard Waypoint.
  • There is a nearby event: Assist Sesto Headsplitter with his Work
  • Pick up the bombs from the event
  • Gather up some drakes, and destroy them with the bomb
  • Repeat!
  • Tip: Do not leave the event “area” or you will automatically lose the bomb

The bombs will instant kill the mobs there, allowing you to rinse and repeat very often.  Also, you can technically do this at level 1, since there is no limit on the event you’re in and the bombs will be doing the damage.  This could also be decent for XP, but if you play GW2, you know that is not the reason to do this.

GW2 - Nonstop farming spot

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