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Know exactly where to go, and where to level with a Guild Wars 2 Leveling world map! This helpful GW2 map will point you in the right direction and make sure you're on the path to level 80 in Guild Wars 2!

The GW2 Leveling Map

Guild Wars 2 Leveling Map

(this is not our original map)

The Zone Breakdown by Level

1-15: Areas surrounding major cities
15-25: Kessex Hills, west of Kessex Hills, west of Wayfarer Foothills and north of Plains of Ashford
25-35: Gendarran Fields
30-40: South of Blazeridge Steppes (this doesn’t seem right position-wise but that’s what I seem to see), Timberline Falls
35-45: Valley Headland
40-50: East of Timberline Falls, Blazeridge Steppes
50-60: Northwest of Blazeridge Steppes, south of Timberline Falls
55-65: Sparkfly Fen
60: Island Southwest of Lion’s Arch
60-70: The zone with the volcano Southwest of Ancient Dwarflands, Regrown Flame
70-75: Northeast Orr
70-80: Northernmost Shiverpeaks zone (with the big lake)
75-80: Northwest Orr
80: West Orr




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