Fastest Method to Level Jeweler Crafting Skill 1-400Guild Wars 2 Guide

This awesome GW2 Jeweler Leveling Guide will show you how to level your jeweler crafting skill from 1 - 400 using the fastest and easiest method! Start using your maxxed out Guild Wars 2 Jeweler skill to make amazing rings, earrings and necklaces for your GW2 Character! Using this Guild Wars 2 Jeweler Leveling Guide you can be sure you're using the fastest and best method to level your skill.

This GW2 guide will show you how to level your Jeweler crafting skill from 1-400 with a fast and easy method.

GW2 Jeweler Crafting Skill 1-400 Intro

Leveling your Jeweler crafting skill is a bit different than other crafting skills.  Using this guide you can be sure you’re using the fastest and best method to level your skill.  Leveling from 1-50 can have mixxed results, but stick with it.  From 51-375 is quite easy.  At 375, you will need to buy 1-2 recipes from the Jewel Master to reach 400.

Ore to Stock Up for Max Jeweler Skill

  • 250-300 Copper Ore
  • 300 Silver Ore
  • 300 Gold Ore
  • 300 Platinum Ore
  • 375 – 575 Mithril Ore

GW2 Copper OreGW2 Silver OreGW2 Gold OreGW2 Mithril Ore

Gems needed per tier

  • 2-10 of each Pebble required for Tier 1
  • 4 of each Lump required for Tier 2
  • 4 of each Nugget required for Tier 3
  • 4 of each Shard required for Tier 4
  • 4 of each Crystal required for Tier 5

Every Tier has the same Steps

Complete these steps for each Tier (1-5) in this exact order.

  1. Create 150 Ingots using the ore specified above
  2. Create 28 settings
  3. Create 14 hooks
    GW2 Hooks
  4. Create 7 bands
    GW2 Band
  5. Create 7 chains
    GW2 Chain
  6. Create 1 of the lower tier gems with a hook and setting -> At the Discovery Panel
  7. Create 7 filigrees
  8. Create 1 ring, 1 amulet, 1 earring and one filigree for each gem -> At the Discovery Panel
  9. Make 7 additional discoveries that bring you to the next tier.
  10. Once advanced to the next tier, begin at step 1 again.

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