Dynamic Event Chain for Levels 15-40 for Fast XPGuild Wars 2 Guide

In Guild Wars 2, you can participate in Dynamic Events to gain exp. Follow this GW2 dynamic event chain guide and you'll be flying from level 15 to 40!

GW2 Dynamic Event Chain for Level 15-40

This can be started at level 15 and is best done on the overflow server or with the most amount of people.

  • These events take place in Kessex Hills
  • Consult the included map and find the current dynamic event in the chain
  • Follow along with the group killing masses of enemies
  • There 3 are “side” events that you may be able to participate in.  The important thing is sticking with the group.
  • There are a few closeby Waypoints: Meadows Waypoint, Halacon Waypoint, Overlord’s Waypoint, or Moogooloo Waypoint
  • Easily 4-5k XP a loop, plus items and money.

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