Citadel of Flame Speedrun plus More LootGuild Wars 2 Guide

Use this GW2 guide to speed run through the Citadel of Flame plus get an extra chest for more loot!

Guide for GW2 Flame Citadel Speed Run and Extra Loot

  • Clear the Flame Citadel up until you are required to protect Magg destroying the nearby wall.
  • At around 80-85% of Magg’s load, leave the room.  He will die at roughly 97-98%, blowing up the final door.
  • Run in and kill the last boss.
  • Upon defeating the boss, stay in the dungeon.  Magg should have respawned.
  • Talk to him again and restart the event.  Wait about 1-2 minutes.
  • The chest will spawn, loot it, then loot another spawned chest at the alter.


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