Awesome Farming Spots Levels 50-60Guild Wars 2 Guide

Maximize your time with XP and loot at these locations in Guild Wars 2 for Levels 50-60. This simple guide includes screenshots to show exactly where you can farm these lucrative spots for both XP and great loot in GW2!

Iron Marches: Level 50-60

Guild Wars 2 - Iron Marches farming spotIn the highlighted area on the image, near the “Granite Front” in the Iron Marches zone you can kill many mobs that repeatedly spawn.  You will also find 2 weapons on the ground which can be used to spawn sniper rifles, which deal 4,500 damage and up.





Timberline Falls: Level 50-60

Guild Wars 2: Timberline Falls farming spot

Here you will find many, roughly 6 to 9, spawns of Cauliflower.  Aside from gathering the cauliflower, you will also get a fair amount of XP per gather.  Right below that point on the map, there is a cave with a Rich Platinum vein in it as well.  To get there, simply travel to the Thistlereed Waypoint in Timberline Falls.





Guild Wars 2: Timberline Falls, Grawls locationThis next screenshot shows a great place for events, allowing you to farm Grawls for bags of materials.  To get there, grab the Ogduk Waypoint in Timerbline Falls

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