First Guild Wars 2 DupeGuild Wars 2 Dupe

That's right! The first Guild Wars 2 dupe has arrived at MMO Cheats Plus. Reserved for premium members, as all new GW2 dupes will be, this Guild Wars 2 dupe has to be taken advantage of right away before it's patched soon!

The First Guild Wars 2 Dupe

This method is the first dupe to make it into the release version of GW2 and will likely be fixed very soon, get it while it’s somewhat under the radar.

The Dupe

This dupe comes in the form of any resource on the ground that is gatherable or openable.  I.e. a resource node, as covered in another post, but this same exact method applies to chests.  This method could not be easier.

  • Find a chest
  • Open chest and loot
  • Log out to character select screen
  • Log back in
  • Chest will have reappeared
  • Repeat!

It’s that simple.  It has also been reported that the more dense a server area is containing the chest or node, the likelyhood of time it will respawn or appear.

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