Unlimited Gathering NodesGuild Wars 2 Cheat

Don't spend your time running around looking for different supply nodes in Guild Wars 2! Save time and energy with this quick exploit.

Unlimited GW2 Veins

Vein spawn is based primarily on current world population.  In an effort to make more veins available for the larger amount of players, the respawn timers are reduced significantly.  This should work on all nodes, especially on overflow areas.

How to farm the same node

  • Gather the node
  • Log out, and log back in.
  • The vein should be back, ready for you to mine it once again.
  • Simple as that!

You can possibly set up a script or macro to run this over and over.  When doing so, we recommend find a node in a secluded area to help keep another player away.  As always, we recommend always being attentive to your macros and only running them when you are near your computer if you care not to have your account banned.



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