Unlimited Dignity, Ferocity, Charisma Personality Points for Low LevelGuild Wars 2 Cheat

Max out your Guild Wars 2 character's Dignity, Ferocity and Charisma with this awesome cheat! This exploit is bound to be fixed soon, so get your GW2 maxxed personality points now!

Unlimited Personality Points in Guild Wars 2 as Charr

  • For Charr race, with chosen “Ash Legion” as background.
  • Must have finished the quest “the Tribune’s Call”
  • Begin the quest “A Spy for a Spy”
  • Before choosing which mission to fight, talk with the NPC Fengar Cruelmane
  • Go through the conversation for the points you’d like to gain
  • Repeat

Infinite Ferocity, Charisma, and Dignity as Norn in GW2

  • As Norn, must be on quest ‘Help Bjarni honor the Hare Spirit’
  • Speak with Bjarni when on quest in Handrammr Climb
  • Click the the conversation, making answers for the points you’d like to gain
  • Repeat

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