Fast Leveling Exploit for Mid 20sGuild Wars 2 Cheat

Use this awesome Guild Wars 2 exploit to level very quickly in the early to late 20s! This GW2 cheat will have your character leveling very quickly than normal methods. Check out this awesome Guild Wars 2 leveling exploit now!

Endless Mob Spawn

This exploit allows you to kill the same mobs over and over.  This is a great exploit for leveling in the 20s

How to do it

  1. Travel to the Ulta Metamagicals Waypoint, located in the Brisban Wildlands (check map for location)
  2. Enter the lab.
  3. Talk to the NPC: Tekki the Gatekeeper.  The Asura gates will open.
  4. Enter and kill the monsters.
  5. Exit and repeat.

Guild Wars 2 - Endless Mob Spawn

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