Easy Kills for Any Mob, No Damage ExploitGuild Wars 2 Cheat

Why take damage when you can kill a Guild Wars 2 mob flawlessly with little to no danger? This GW2 exploit can be used on any mob in the game, allowing you to kill mobs with ease! Read on to learn about how to take no damage and kill any mob easily in Guild Wars 2!

Easily kill any mob in GW2

This exploit is fairly easy to do, and if done correctly, you literally don’t need to take any damage! This even works great on champion mobs.  Also, a ranged class or ability to do ranged damage is required since you won’t be “near” the mob.

  • Find a land mob you’d like to kill near water, a creek, trench, etc.  Works best at water with rocks, different terrain elevations.
  • Kit it toward the water and jump in.  The mob will likely stand there due to the tricky terrain.
  • Continue attacking the mob from the water
  • Eventually the mob will try to get to you and likely take a long path.
  • While the mob is entering the water, from far away, simply jump out of the water and allow him to run all the way back to the place he was getting stuck
  • Jump back in and repeat until you’ve killed the mob!


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