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Staying competitive in Final Fantasy XIV and having a life... both don't always happen. That's when using a bot to advance your FF XIV character while you're off doing other things helps! Introducing MastrKraftr, a FF XIV crafting bot by XIVTools. This Final Fantasy XIV crafting bot is very well made, virus free, and backed by a dedicated author.

FF XIV Crafting Bot - MastrKraftr

A Bot for FF XIV by XIVTools

If you’re a member of MMO Cheats Plus, you probably have or currently use a bot in your MMORPG of choice.  Today we’ll be talking about one in particular that recently came out, a crafting bot for Final Fantasy XIV by the name of MastrKraftr.

This crafting bot is brought to you by  Currently, at the time of this article(8/14/2011) the FF XIV crafting bot is available free to download and use without restriction.  The author does however accept donations, which we always encourage people to donate if they can.

A Look at MastrKraftr

First off, the download for MastrKraftr is extremely quick as a 136kb zip file.  After downloading and extracting, you’ll notice it’s simply one file.  Upon starting up the bot and entering in the trial login (username: xiv & password: tools), you’ll notice it’s clean and simple UI.  No gimmicky interface.  Also, the author is very supportive of his software and handles requests quickly via Twitter (@XIVTools) and forums.

I should also note that the author is english speaking with an informative website where you can find information and download his FF XIV crafting bot.  Most importantly, this bot does not contain any sort of trojan, malware or any type of virus.

The Crafting Bot at a Glance

  • Runs game minimized
  • Uses preserve, hasty hand without “peeking” at abilities first
  • Shows status in bot window – convenient feature when game is minimized
  • Supports Intelligent use of bold/”careful” based upon synthesis conditions
  • Supports timely use of wait for difficult synths
  • Can synth unlimited items (all materials on hand)

Install Instructions

  1. Make sure you have MS .NET framework installed. If not, get it from:
  2. Download the bot:
  3. Unzip the bot and run it. Log in is as follows:
    Username: xiv
    Password: tools
  4. Before clicking ”Synthesize”, make sure you are in synthesis mode with the cursor on ”Requested Items”. Configuration options are pretty straightforward, there are tooltips for most of the controls which aren’t completely self-explanatory.
  5. Click on ”Synthesize” and kick back.

Notes: You don’t need to position widgets or do anything other than what is mentioned above.  The bot will run with the game minimized, just make sure you don’t minimize/maximize the game while the bot is pressing buttons because it might miss a keystroke – which you might not notice, since the game is minimized. Instead, use the ”Pause” button to stop the bot if you want to check your chat log or do something in-game.


Again, this crafting bot comes highly recommended by us here at MMO Cheats Plus.  Remember you can always check out the official website for MastrKraftr for the most up-to-date download and follow XIVTools on Twitter for Updates.

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