Final Fantasy XIV 14 Open Beta Announced

final fantasy 14 open betaThat’s right!  The first news item for MMO Cheats Plus is about a highly anticipated MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV from Square Enix.  This will be their second MMO, following the successful Final Fantasy XI.

To sign up for the open beta for FF 14, you will need to have or create a Square Enix account which is quick and free.  The signup page will be available starting at 19:00 on August 31st, 2010.

It appears on the website that they are allowing you to keep your open beta characters as long as you play on the same server for the release as you did in Open Beta.  This is a good sign, and smart move as it helps keep the newbie areas less crowded as well as help generate tons of buzz for the game.

The early release for FFXIV is September 22nd, with the official release on September 30th.

See you out there!

– Admin Falon

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