Pay for Your Game by PlayingDiablo 3 Tip

Diablo 3 offers a unique way to literally earn your money back just by playing! Follow this great tip and you'll play for free and possibly make a real-life profit off playing. Talk about a dream job.

Pay Upfront and Let D3 Reimburse You

The retail price for D3, at the time of this post, is $60 USD and it will likely remain that way for quite a while.  While this is the new average price for a new PC release, Diablo 3 offers a unique way to literally earn your money back just by playing!

Diablo 3 - Auction HouseDiablo 3 features an Auction House system.  Players can list items and easily sell to other players for either Diablo 3 gold OR Real Life Cash! By playing the game and collecting some rare and legendary items, you can literally list them on the Real Life money auction house, and be paid straight to your PayPal account.  Once you’ve hit $60 dollars in earnings (or however much you paid for Diablo 3), you have essentially played the game for free.  Every penny after that is actually profiting from playing Diablo 3!

Diablo 3 - Auction House Real Money ModeAlternatively, you can also sell your in-game gold, literally converting an in-game to real-life currency, but in a legal fashion.

Maximize Your Earnings on the Diablo 3 Auction House

Here are some steps to follow to to maximize your real life cash earnings in Diablo 3:

  • Follow a guide for the best Diablo 3 item farming spots
  • Get to Level 60 as soon as possible: Higher level items are hard to obtain and will go for higher prices in general
  • Farm Low Levels for low level rare and legendary items.  Some players will buy these low level but rare D3 items simply to twink a low level character
  • Equip as much Gold Find and Magic Find gear as possible to maximize your findings percentage
  • At Level 60, take advantage of the Nephalem Valor buff, which can stack up to 5 times offering +15% Gold and Magic find per a stack, offering +75% total.
  • After level 60, you begin gaining Paragon levels, every level is equal to +3% Magic and Gold find

Diablo 3 - Auction House Rares for Sale for Real MoneyDiablo 3 - Sell your D3 Gold for Real Money


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