Half Priced PotionsDiablo 3 Tip

Don't overpay for potions from NPCs when you can use this trick to get Half Priced Potions in Diablo 3! Save loads of your D3 gold and stock up on half priced health potions. This Diablo 3 trick works for every difficulty and the potion quality scales.

Different Level Potions Depending on Difficulty

The level of potions available on the NPC is dictated by the level you choose when you select the quest.  Obviously, you will want to use the hardest difficulty setting in order to buy the strongest potions you can use.

The Video

Get Half Priced Potions

  1. Select Act 1 and the Quest: Trailing the Coven and select “Begin Quest”
  2. Enter the game.
  3. Run to Leah and start the quest.
  4. Run to the Waypoint.
  5. Select Wortham Chapel Cellar
  6. Run out of the cellar and run around to the top right of the building you just came out.
  7. Run to the right and up, up the stairs and across the bridge.
  8. You may, or may not see, the NPC “Rodger the Alchemist”
  9. If so, buy your potions.  He may not spawn with the higher level potions, if so, go on to step 10.
  10. If he does not appear, or you want him to spawn with higher potions, run to the upper left and down the stairs on your right.
  11. Get the checkpoint at the bottom.
  12. Leave the game.
  13. Resume the game.
  14. You’ll be at the checkpoint, run back to the bridge.
  15. Repeat from step 12 if he still does not appear or the desired potions are still not available.


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