Auction House Gold Making TrickDiablo 3 Tip

Work the Diablo 3 Auction House and make tons of gold! This trick will show you how to invest some gold but get lots of diablo 3 gold back all from the Auction house.

The Trick

Players will often visit the auction house and simply purchase a weapon they can equip with the highest DPS without giving much regard to other stats or, most importantly, why that weapon has higher DPS.

  • Purchase socketed weapons, with open sockets as cheap as possible
  • Purchase rubies as cheap as possible.  Prices will vary of course depending on type of ruby… higher the ruby, higher you may be able to get in the end.
  • Rubies add “+ X – Y damage” to weapons.
  • Add a ruby to the weapon, thus increasing it’s damage and the huge DPS number that shows on the tooltip.
  • Relist the item, setting a price that is both competitive for a quick sale, but will also earn a profit you feel is good.

Players will visit the auction house, and like mentioned above, may only be focused on the large number at the top.  It is recommended that you do this for weapons 45 and up, as players are more likely to be swapping out weapons every level in order to speed up the leveling process.

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