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You can sell an unidentified item in Diablo 3 for quite a bit of gold. But what if that item could have fetched more if you knew the stats? Well, it's a gamble. Not anymore with this awesome tool, more like a hack, for diablo 3 that shows unidentified item stats!

The Tool

This project is not our own, but we will discuss it a bit and provides links to the official site where you can download it.

But I can just ID it myself?

You can, but then you may wind up with a sub-par item. You can buy/sell unidentified items on the AH as a gamble.  If the item has worse stats than an item that typically costs what you paid for, you “lost” the bet.  But if it’s a great weapon, you’ve come out ahead.

At the time of this entry, you can only use it for items in your pack, which gives you the advantage when trying to sell.  You can check the stats, and if they’re crap, sell the item as the “mystery item” for more gold than what you’d get if everyone could see them.  Or, if you see good stats, you can then go ahead and ID it and then post it for maximum gold gain.

Project Links

This project is currently hosted on googlecode and can be found here.

Diablo 3 - UNID Project


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