Ultimate Spot to Farm the Best ItemsDiablo 3 Guide

In D3, at level 60 you are likely in the trade of farming legendary and rare items. Use this Diablo 3 guide to maximize your time spent at the best spot with the best possible chance to get the most ultimate items in the Diablo 3!

The Quick Version

  1. Select Act 4, Quest 2 “The Light of Hope”, Part 2 “Corrupt Growths Tier 1”
  2. Run into the portal and select the “Gardens of Hope Tier 1”
  3. Run around the platform, smashing the pots, impaled angels, etc.  There are also Weapon Racks and Chest spawns most of the time.
  4. Kill any mobs, or avoid them, depending on your taste.
  5. Reenter portal.
  6. Leave Game.  Resume Game.
  7. Repeat from Step 2.

In Detail

Question SelectionThe above steps should still be followed, but here we will go over this tactic in more detail.  First off, you should equip a set of high Magic Find gear, like anytime you are going searching for items, but this can purely be for the highest MF number because killing mobs is not necessary.  In order to avoid monsters, you must avoid running on the SE side of the platform.  The platform spawns the exact same every time, however, sometimes mobs will appear at different times.  I.e. if you run near the stairs, they are likely to run up the stairs.  Also, randomly a mob will fly in and hit the ground but this only happens in the very middle.  Also on the top right and bottom right, there are 2 spots where a mob will fly in if you get too close.  If nothing is there, don’t go near it. Reference the included screenshots: the yellow arrows are where mobs can spawn, and the red dots are the areas where breakables are.

Tackle these ItemsTo help speed this up and be as efficient as possible, you should also use movement speed boots if you don’t already have them equipped and use skills such as leap or vault that propel you forward.  Lastly, use skills that damage or break the objects from far away, i.e. spells, or throwing axes, or shooting arrows.

The reason why this place is so great is because you teleport right in the middle of tons of breakables, and optionally mobs.  Also, you’re near the very end of game which means you will have the highest chance to get the best weapons for that difficulty level.  When it comes to Inferno and you’re tired of dying, this is an excellent, if not the best, way of getting high end items.

Follow this Map:  Red for path to take, Yellow for mob spawns to maybe avoid


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