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Get awesome XP in Diablo 3 with this Powerleveling Guide! You can level more quickly with this guide which is why its referred to as "Powerleveling" in Diablo 3. This is not a cheat, so you can powerlevel your diablo 3 character using this guide as much as you want.

This Powerleveling Method

This is the first powerleveling method here at MCP for Diablo 3.  This is not a cheat, therefore you need not worry about “getting caught.”

  1. Select “Hell” difficulty from the “Change Quest” menu.
  2. Select Act 2, The Road to Alcarnus and then “Lieutenant Vachem”
  3. Select the quest then start the game.
  4. Go to the waypoint and teleport to “Kashim Outpost”
  5. Find the NPC Lieutenant Vachem
  6. Talk to him, but simply close the conversation. (You are trying to do this as many times as quickly as possible after all)
  7. Run into the nearby Command Post
  8. Another NPC, Maghda will begin another conversation, but you can again simply close it out.
  9. The enemies will soon spawn, quickly kill them.  AOE attacks work well.
  10. Once you’ve defeated all the enemies, unlock the nearby cage.
  11. Exit the Command Post, there is no need to wait for the conversation.
  12. Moments after you leave, another group of enemies will spawn, simply kill them all.
  13. You will get the quest reward: 50k experience and 1230 gold.
  14. Teleport back to town, leave the game.
  15. Rinse and repeat!

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