Maximize and Save Money at the Auction HouseDiablo 3 Guide

Master the Diablo 3 Auction House and maximize your money to get the most items for you buck. This guide will show you when to buy on what D3 auction house, along with formulas and examples on how to put it in action.

Don’t Use the Wrong Currency when Buying on the D3 Auction House

Buying items off the Diablo 3 Auction House is a great way to instantly get that awesome item or stock up on essentials such as gems.  You can also stock up on mass amounts of gold, purchasing units of 1 million gold for insanely cheap prices.  However, because you can purchase these supplies and items using two different types of currency, you may be overpaying!

D3 AH Item Price Comparison Example

You can often buy the same items, especially supplies, on both the Gold and the Real life money D3 auction house.  For instance, here are the exact same items, a Radiant Star Ruby, currently the highest ruby quality in the game, with the prices for the moment for both Diablo 3 gold and real life money: $26.70 USD, or 17.65 million d3 gold.

Diablo 3 auction house price comparison - USD and d3 gold

The exact moment of these screen shots, the price for 1 million gold was only $1.44 USD.

Diablo 3 Auction house Purchase gold with USD price

The Simple Formula to Maximizing your D3 Auction House Purchases

Simply take the price of the item in USD, divide it by the price per 1 mil, and that will be the total amount of diablo 3 gold you would have spent on the item.  If that amount is higher than the in-game gold price, you are paying too much for it and it is a better deal to purchase the gold and buy it in the in-game gold auction house.

In our Example:

  • $26.70 (price of Ruby in USD) / $1.44 (price of 1 Mil gold for USD) = ~18.542 = Translated Gold Price
  • Translated Gold Price = 18.542 > 17.650 = Actual Gold Price
  • 18.542 – 17.650 (Translated minus Actual) = .892
  • .892 *  $1.44 (Price of 1 mil gold in USD) = ~ $1.28 = Total Savings
  • About $1.28 is our total savings by first purchasing the gold and then buying the Radiant Star Ruby on the D3 Gold Auction House


You Have to do the Math to Find the Best D3 AH deal

Buying off the gold auction house will not always be the best deal, but you must follow the above formula and do just 30 seconds worth of research.  In the above example, I could have saved $1.28.  While that doesn’t seem like a huge deal, over time it is.  Especially finding out the best deal doesn’t take over a minute.  Breaking it down to your real life income earnings, if you saved a $1.28 for a minute of research and a quick formula, you’d save $76.80 after just one hour.  Unless you make that or more at your IRL job, you should take advantage of this!

Another Example of Saving Money on the Diablo 3 AH

D3 - Weapon price comparsion on Gold vs real money Auction houseIn this example, we’re looking at a weapon.  Now while this is like impossible to find an exact match on the AH of the exact item (unless its some low level simple blue), these two bows are comparable.  Many might even argue because of the higher stats in the bottom bow from the gold auction house has higher stats, it is superior.  The one on top is from the USD D3 auction house selling for $1.25 and the bottom one from the gold D3 AH has a bid at 10,000.  While this isn’t a buyout, and you could easily find one with a buyout of 30-50k, there is a huge ceiling here.  Again, each mil costs, at the moment of this post, $1.44 USD.  The bow outright costs $1.25, so it’s translated D3 gold price is a whopping 868k!

Formula used:

  • Price of Item / Price of 1 mil: $1.25 / $1.44 = .86806 = Percentage the item costs relative to price of 1 mil.
  • Percentage of item cost * 1,000,000: .86806 * 1,000,000 = 868060 = Translated D3 Price

This example shows that for a comparable(arguable way better item) it would be much, much cheaper to buy it off the Gold Auction House over the USD.

However, keep in mind even though both of these examples on this post shows that buying off the gold auction house is cheaper, it may not always be the case.  In the above formula, after the first calculation, you may have a number like 2.240, and that price may well exceed the USD price.  This is why we’ve included these formulas along with the examples so you can make the call!




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