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Get the Most Out of Your Time Leveling in Diablo 3 There are a few steps you can do in order to maximize your time spent leveling in Diablo 3.  Some of these tactics can even be employed from the … Continued

Get the Most Out of Your Time Leveling in Diablo 3

There are a few steps you can do in order to maximize your time spent leveling in Diablo 3.  Some of these tactics can even be employed from the very beginning of D3, at level 1  by purchasing gold from the auction house for a small amount of money.  At the time of this post, a million gold is only $1.24!

Don’t Die as Often, Use a D3 Amethyst

This is obvious!  Every time you die, you are sent back to a checkpoint.  You must now run back to your point of death which could be very far and take away valuable time.  While there are obvious many tips you could follow on how not to die, we will cover a valuable one now: using amethyst jewels in your gear.

While the higher quality “end game” Amethysts will go for millions, you can get a medium grade for quite cheap.  A “Flawless Square Amethyst”, at the time of this post, is less than 1000 gold on the Auction House.  This provides an awesome +34 Vitality, or +340 health in most cases.  Now the formula is cheap and Diablo 3 reminds us with a tool-tip that when your health runs out, you die.  Adding a few of these to socketed items at low levels provides a huge boost to your HP pool.  Simply search the auction house for socketed rings, amulets and other armor pieces, purchase a few of these inexpensive buffs and you’re set.  As you get in the teens, you can easily find a ring or amulet with +Vitality as well for increased HP goodness.

Diablo 3 - Amethyst on the Auction House

Buy D3 Rares, Buy Often

Some rares are ridiculously expensive because they have a couple stats higher than the last.  Well, in early levels, you are plowing through them, especially if you follow these tips in this guide, and you will soon be able to equip higher level items.  While we aren’t recommending that you buy a rare belt that costs 50,000 gold for your level 15 character, we are recommending that you buy rares!

Simply select your search criteria, making sure to select Rare and possibly some attributes.  We recommend looking for +Vitality, +Your Damage (Dex, Str or Int), and + Magic Find.  Once you hit the search, order them so items with the Buyout price is the cheapest at the top.  Take a look!  You’ll be surprised at how many awesome items are available for very little Diablo 3 gold.

Diablo 3 - Use the Orderby 'Buyout' Feature for good rare deals

XP Jewel and a Socketed Helm for Maximum Experience

Diablo 3 - Buy a Socketed Helm and Ruby for awesome Leveling XP BonusThe jewel to gain more XP per kill in Diablo 3 is called the Ruby.  By now you have seen that inserting jewels in different armor locations will provide different bonuses.  For a character pre-level 60, there is now better jewel for the Helm slot than a Ruby.  This is the only jewel that will provide a percentage bonus to XP gain.  Unfortunately, it is hard to find socketed helms (at the time of this post) until the mid teens.  Luckily, if you’ve followed some of the tips here at MMO Cheats Plus, you’ll be cruising through Diablo 3 levels in no time.  Purchase a Ruby on the auction house for the best value you think you can get.  A +19% ruby is very affordable.

While you may be tempted to spend hundreds of thousands of gold on a higher, and if you want do it, we are trying to steer players who want to play a more practical route, gaining awesome bonuses for just a few dollars invested.



Mow Through D3 Mobs

Diablo 3 - Buy a Emerald from the Auction HouseThis is simple: The faster you kill, the faster you level in D3.  In order to do this, you must not stay alive as often as you can, but you must also increase your DPS as high as you can.  This is why we recommend filtering rare armor and weapons for stats that increase vitality as well as your damage stat, Int, Str, or Dex.  You can hover over your stats on your character’s screen if you ever forget.  On top of that, we recommend adding the filter “Has Sockets” so that you can take advantage of the amazing bonuses provided by jewels, especially at lower levels.

You can easily purchase great damage bonuses for just a few thousand golf off the D3 Auction House.  For example, at level 18, my Demon Hunter had +34 Emeralds (giving Dexterity, the attribute needed for more DPS for a Demon Hunter) and my DPS sky rocketed to the point where I was 1 shotting regular mobs and 2-3 shotting elite mobs.

Buy D3 Gold and Auction House Items for Faster Diablo 3 Leveling

Buying gold and items on the Auction House is an excellent way to ensure you’re maximizing your Diablo 3 leveling time.  Even with a brand new account, you can log in to the Blizzard Store and buy Gold.  With the gold in game, you can take advantage of these tips and many others.

  1. Buy Health Potions.
  2. Buy Max Level Gear when you please, not limited by your gold savings
  3. A few real-life dollars goes a long way to providing a seamless and efficient leveling experience


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