Farm 300k+ Gold per HourDiablo 3 Guide

Farm over 300k golf in Diablo 3 in just an hour using this awesome method. When you need more gear and equipment in Diablo 3 you'll need more gold. Follow this method and you'll be on your way to easily farming over 300k gold in an hour or less.

The Method

You must equip your character with as much Golf Find and Pickup Radius gear as possible.

Also, you must be level 60.  This is so you can take advantage of the Nephalem Valor buff.  This buff happens when you kill elite packs.  It provides a 15% bonus to Gold Find, and it can stack up to 5 times, allowing a total of 75% Gold Find increase.

Recommended Area

You can do this in any area with elite packs, but there is atleast one particular area recommended.  In Act 3, the Siegebreaker quest.  This quest provides lots of monsters in close area and elite packs which will keep the Nephalem Valor buff refreshed and maxxed.

This method can get you 10-12k gold every 2 minutes, and roughly 300k+ an hour.

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