Amazingly Fast Solo Powerlevel 1-60 in Under 9 hoursDiablo 3 Guide

Powerlevel any Diablo 3 character from level 1 to level 60 in under 9 hours with this amazingly fast guide! This guide is 100% legal and doesn't involve any exploits or cheats, simply game mechanics! Want another level 60 D3 character or maybe your first level 60 if you're new to Diablo 3? Follow this guide and in less than a day you'll be at the top with a max level character!

The D3 Powerleveling Guide

Powerleveling can be described as doing a repetitious action that is effective at gaining experience points (or levels) in relation to the time spent.  This powerleveling technique is one, if not the, quickest ways to gain levels as quickly as possible currently in Diablo 3.  What’s great about this method is that it doesn’t require any awesome gear, in fact, you’ll only be using one type of skill just once per a repeat.


a friend who can begin games in Hell Difficulty.  Friend does not need to help level, just create the game.

The Technique, from Level 1 to Level 60.

  1. Level normally from 1-5.  This shouldn’t take long!
  2. At level 5, get a friend to create a game starting at the very beginning of Act III on Normal Difficulty.
  3. Upon entering the game, go down the stairs and into the door to your left.  Upon entering the Armory, go straight and then up into the door.  Upon entering the Bastion Keep Stronghold, take the upper left path up and around to the right, cross a bridge and meet an extinguished campfire surrounded by monsters.  Take a right at the campfire, bypassing the mobs.  You will soon see a door to your character’s left, enter.  You will enter the Skycrown Battlements.
  4. After entering the Skycrown Battlements, continue down the path just a screen or two.  You will see a staircase to the left of your character.
  5. Once the little demons come running down, cast a stun skill/spell right at the middle of the “U” between your path and the stairs.
  6. Assemble the demons quickly in a bunch and wait just a moment.
  7. A Cannonball type object will soon hurl into the demons, killing most, and rewarding you with the XP!
  8. Run back out the door you came in. (do not proceed upstairs, just back the way you came)
  9. Sign off, then back in with “Resume Game”
  10. Repeat from step 4 until level 25.
  11. At Level 25, have your friend make a new game, Act III, very beginning, on Nightmare difficulty.  Repeat from step 3 until level 50.
  12. At Level 50, have your friend make a new game, Act III, very beginning, on Hell difficulty.  Repeat from step 3 until level 60!

Why this method is so great

  • Can be repeated every 15-25 seconds.
  • Everytime you exit the Skycrown Battlements, you’re considered “in town.”  Meaning you can log and re-enter without any delay.  This makes this method very efficient for your time spent doing it.
  • No need to continually purchase awesome gear to help with the leveling process.
  • Can be done virtually solo, aside from your friend creating the game per each difficulty.

Tips to help the leveling process

  • Although not necessary, it is highly recommended that you grab a helmet with a slot that you can add an EXP gain jewel.  Also, any other XP gain items in general.  This helps in the long run!
  • Once you’ve gathered the demons on your AOE snare, you can start heading out while the cannonball hits them.  It shaves off just a couple seconds, but over many hours, this can actually save you time.
  • Run speed increase spells or equipment.

Recommended skills for each class to help with this technique

  • Barbarian: Leap, Ground Stomp
  • Wizard: Frost Nova, Slow Time, Ray of Frost, Blizzard, Teleport
  • Monk: Blind, Seven Sided Strike, Serenity, Fleet Footed, Inner Sanctuary
  • DemonHunter: Caltrops, Vault, Tactical Advantage, Hot Pursuit
  • WitchDoctor: Grasp of the Dead, Summon pets, Spirit Walk

Diablo 3 - Powerleveling GuideDiablo 3 - PowerLeveling Guide Solo




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