Unique Mob Infinite Spawn for Tons of LootDiablo 3 Cheat

Using this Diablo 3 Exploit, you will be able to get tons of loot from the same D3 unique mob over and over! This cheat will literally flood the floor with awesome diablo 3 weapons, armor and gold.

The Exploit

You will be able to kill and respawn a unique mob repeatedly.

How to do It

  1. Start a new game: Act 1, Return to New Tristram
  2. Teleport to the Halls of Agony Level 3.
  3. Search for a room with many furnaces in a row, all facing SE.
  4. In the middle, you may find a Resplendent Chest.
  5. If no chest or you can’t find the room, restart at step 1.
  6. If you found a chest, open the chest and immediately Town portal.
  7. Wait a few seconds in town and head back in
  8. You will now see a unique mob spawned “Garrich the Afflicted”
  9. Pull him a little ways SW of where he spawns (the iron maiden, looks like a standing coffin)
  10. He is not a hard mob to kill, so use light damage and DOTs.
  11. Once he is almost dead, start your town portal again.  Wait a few seconds.
  12. If timed correctly, your DOTs will finish him off.
  13. Return to the Halls again using the portal.
  14. You will see your loot on the ground from the first Garrich, and a second spawned, but the iron maiden will still be standing.
  15. Repeat from step 9!  Timing is key because you need to be out of the dungeon when he spawns again.


  • Equip as much Magic Find gear as possible, it’s an easy fight.
  • Stack Nephalem Valor (NV) to 5 (if level 60)

Diablo 3 - Unique Mob Spawn LocationDiablo 3 - Unique Mob Spawn Pull SWDiablo 3 - Unique Mob Tons of Loot!




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